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Kundalini yoga lessen

Wekelijkse Kundalini Yoga lessen in Yoga Studio Muiderberg. Iedere woensdag om 20 uur.

In the first ten lessons you’ll get to know the basics so you can ease into a deeply enjoyable yoga experience.

Working with the Kundalini energy, the creative force that lies in all of us, you’ll develop greater clarity and balance. The aim is to find focus within yourself, right in these hectic times. Come and experience it by yourself. Happiness is your birth right!

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Studio Muiderberg, on Wednesday evenings at 20:00. 

Marzia Deplano (Guru Banda Kaur) is certified Kundalini Yoga  instructor since 2008.  Born and raised in Italy from Dutch/Italian parents, she has lived in the Netherlands since 2003. She began practicing yoga at the age of 14.

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